"I was lucky enough to do a W1LD Coaching program with Karlie Cummins this year. Karlie is an outstanding professional in her field. Initially I was resistant to life coaching or any form of "therapy". I have always had the mind set that I need to do everything for myself, by myself. I believed that I needed to be strong, never show weakness and keep up an appearance of success and competence. I never asked for help because I thought I was successfully managing it all. I almost fooled myself into believing too…

When I started my new business and had my second child at the start of the Covid pandemic, I was stressed, depressed and overwhelmed. I knew something had to give so that I could achieve some balance in my life. I was tired, struggling financially and neglecting myself. I believed that I could give my all to my family and business while putting my needs last. Sadly, this was not possible because I was not fully showing up in any area of my life. I struggled to juggle my business, my two young children, my marriage and my own well being. When I met Karlie and enrolled in her program, it was a giant step forward for my mental, emotional and physical health. Karlie listened and never judged. Her program is individually tailored to each client. Our meetings never felt like “how-to” lectures but rather a gentle guide to find my own peace, harmony and balance. One of the most important tools I learned was to set boundaries so that I didn’t give too much of myself to too many people. I learned how to forcibly disconnect from work and obligations to set aside uninterrupted time for my family. We delved into the ‘why” of my business, my personal life and my children which gave me so much perspective on the path of my life. I finally felt like I had the tools to lead my life and manage my time, instead of just feeling like I was coping in chaos. It was difficult for me to feel vulnerable and seek help but I realized that everyone can benefit from an impartial third-party perspective. Therapy or life coaching is not just for people struggling with extreme depression, addiction or trauma. Sometimes its just nice to have an uninterrupted hour to talk to professional. I can’t say enough good things about W1LD Coaching. Try it for yourself, you will see a measurable difference in your life and you'll learn valuable techniques for when life’s inevitable challenges arise. Thank you Karlie, your program has had a lasting impact on me."

  • Carryn

"Karlie has proved to be an instrumental and influential person in my life throughout the seven years I have known her. I can best describe her as a valuable support system that has been constant in my life. Regardless of the time of day or her own personal schedule, Karlie has always made herself available to me when needed. I often seek her advice regarding social problems with friends, family issues, and my own personal growth struggles. Each time I talk with Karlie, I leave feeling better than when I came to her. She has a keen ability to empathize with me, while providing actionable advice that I can use to solve my problems. Karlie has given me the confidence to make decisions that I know are in my best self interest. Most importantly, Karlie is one of the most trustworthy people that I have had the privilege of knowing. When I confide in her, I know that she will respect my privacy. I feel very grateful to have an influence like Karlie in my life and feel more confident about my future due to her guidance."

  • Troy R, 19

"I can best describe Karlie as being the most reliable compass that helps me sail through the most challenging ocean called life. With an incredible ability to to empathize and relate to me Karlie helps me navigate through challenging times without making me feel like a project. As a 22 year old professional action-sport athlete with epilepsy I have been faced to make a lot of lifestyle changes. Karlie is a huge part of my support system and without her I don’t know where I would be today. A lot of my personal and spiritual success I owe to Karlie."

  • Kevin N, 22

"To start, Karlie is approachable and immediately likeable. Right away, I wanted to work with her! And, as we moved through the process of real work together, I loved finding how very imaginative she is. I have talked to her about a pretty wide range of things, and she always seems to know which tool to pull out of the toolbox. Also, Karlie is wise beyond her years. While her work is centered on teens, she has met me (not a young woman!) right where I am. I love her inquisitive approach and have left every single coaching session with her feeling more positive and put into motion than when I arrived."

  • Susan M.

"Karlie has been an incredible mentor of mine throughout my teenage-young adult years and influential in helping me navigate issues I face regarding my mental and physical health and other dilemmas faced. As a full-time college student I have been struggling to focus, take care of myself, make money, enjoy time with friends, and balance all of these important things. Having Karlie there, she has been able to sympathize with my struggles, and offer insight on how I can balance my crazy schedule, take care of myself, and have a more optimistic outlook. Thanks to her guidance, I am confident about my future and feel stronger mentally that I can overcome other challenges in my path with ease."

  • Claire T, 20

"Having had Karlie and W1LD Coaching as a resource in my final semester of college has been indispensable. With graduation consistently looming in my mind throughout my senior year of college, being able to utilize Karlie’s coaching was genuinely so beneficial to my well-being and goals. The coaching helped me to really hone in on what I wanted to do after graduation and taught me to trust my gut in decision-making. Not only was I able to become more confident in myself, but also in parsing through my feelings. Karlie guided me in setting attainable goals and learning how to prioritize spheres of my life to ensure that I was both successful and happy. With her help, I’ve been able to better balance different stressors in my life and I am excited for my future prospects going forward. Although I am still nervous about the big changes that await me after college, I am absolutely more assured of my goals and will continue to work towards keeping a balance in my life."

  • Lydia R, 21

"Karlie has been able to help me on my path to becoming the best version of me. She has helped me to remember to be gentle with myself in times of emotional rawness. Karlie holds a safe space and asks insightful questions to get me to think in new ways and I feel heard, never rushed. "

  • Christine T

"Doing W1ld Coaching has benefitted me as a senior in high school to set up goals and techniques that will help prepare me for my next steps in college and so on! I also enjoyed learning ways to help calm me in anxious and overall stressful situations in soccer, school, and outside situations!"

  • Bailey M, 17